About Me

Meet Alexis, a DIY influencer who wears many hats in her busy life. She's not only a dedicated stay-at-home mom to three energetic boys, all under the age of 3, but also a key player in a thriving trucking business, which she co-manages with her husband. In this partnership, while her husband takes the wheel of their truck, Alexis handles all the essential administrative tasks. Beyond her roles as a mother and entrepreneur, Alexis harbors a deep passion for real estate and DIY, a love that's been with her for as long as she can remember. Her enduring dream is to make her mark in the world of real estate by flipping houses. Alexis and her husband's first home purchase in 2018 was the start of this adventure. In the two years they resided there, they took on the remarkable feat of completely renovating the property, pouring their hearts and sweat into it. Their dedication and hard work paid off when they sold the house in 2020, using the proceeds to acquire their next home, and begin their next flipping journey!

Follow along for tips and tricks, and also find plans of some of her favorite projects!